PayCashMobile Partners with Fidelity Express to Launch Mobile Bill Payments

Marlborough, MA — April 18, 2007 — PayCashMobile, Inc., a leading provider of secure electronic payment solutions, announced today that they have signed an agreement with Fidelity Express, a full service financial services company, to provide mobile bill payment services using PayCashMobile’s PayCash Mobile™ technology.


The PayCashMobile and Fidelity Express partnership will enable consumers to pay bills using their cell phones or other mobile devices.


By registering to use this easy mobile solution, consumers will be able to either initiate a payment from their cell phones or schedule mobile alert notifications to process a payment in one click. When a payment is due, the customer can receive an alert and with a single click, they can pay the bill and receive confirmation without having to enter or store any personal information on their cell phone. Fidelity Express will process the bill payment transactions on the same reliable, robust and secure financial services platform, Fidelity XPressPay, which currently processes millions of payment transactions annually.


Fidelity Mobile XPressPay, powered by PayCash, will also include a stored value card and electronic "wallet" account that will be tied to the cell phone so that bills can be paid from pre-loaded funds on the account. Customers can load funds to their accounts at any one of the Fidelity XPresspay or PayCashMobile funding locations. Other options for funding include direct deposit, credit card and ACH transfer loading.


Fidelity Mobile XPressPay transactions are protected by a user PIN. The payment solution does not require complicated downloading and works with any Internet-enabled device. The user's mWallet (mobile wallet) account can be managed across any platform such as the cell phone, personal computer or any PayCash enabled kiosk.


PayCashMobile’s President Joe Barboza said, "We’re excited to bring PayCash payment technology to Fidelity Express and consumers who rely upon complete security when paying bills with their cell phones".


"Mobile payments are a remarkable new application for wireless customers and we are convinced that PayCashMobile’s PayCash system is absolutely the right approach." said Pat Odom, Fidelity Express Division Manager. "To be able to join PayCashMobile in bringing this innovative, time saving and flexible convenience to market is very exciting!"