M2Commerce Corp. is a privately owned Canadian corporation based in Toronto. M2Commerce is a financial technology provider focused on delivering highly-secure and highly-scalable mobile payment and mobile commerce solutions via the company’s proprietary ‘PCM’ platform. Over the past few years M2Commerce has become a leading developer of both Web and mobile apps around the core PCM platform which can support a range of transaction types and thus enable our partners to deliver online and mobile commerce and financial services to their customers. Targeted users of our partners’ services include both consumers in developed markets and the significant under-banked and un-banked populations worldwide.

In 2008 via an affiliate M2Commerce acquired the assets of Cyphermint, including the payments system then marketed as ‘PayCash Mobile’ which had evolved from one of the world’s first mobile payment services. From this base M2Commerce has developed the new PCM platform, which is delivered as a cloud-based SaaS or PaaS solution. PCM is robust, secure, highly-scalable, multi-currency, multi-lingual, plus access device-, network- and carrier-agnostic.

M2Commerce delivers the following solutions and services to support our partners offering their customers access to low cost, secure and easy-to-use methods to shop, pay their bills, top-up prepaid accounts and transfer funds.

  • PCM Cloud
    The core PCM platform is delivered as a SaaS or PaaS solution, processing on either the M2Commerce global network or a partner’s private cloud. PCM is then configured to support the online and mobile services that will be part of our partner’s offering – e.g. bill payment, mobile banking, person-to-person transfers and retail payments – all via mobile phones, tablets or Web access.
  • PCM Enterprise
    PCM Enterprise is the deployed version of the PCM platform, designed for situations where, due to transaction volumes, corporate policy or government regulations, an M2Commerce partner requires PCM to be operated and housed in their own data centre. PCM Enterprise offers all of the core functionality of the PCM Cloud solution, and can be configured to meet the specific requirements of each partner’s local markets.
  • Professional Services
    M2Commerce offers a range of professional and technical services to assist our partners configure and integrate PCM to adapt to the characteristics of their local markets.